Slow Arch Architectural Window Frame Mirror

Slow Arch Architectural Cast Iron 20 panel Window Frame Mirror, this piece has 20 individually glazed panels, each panel being glazed with antique effect glass mirror. This frame is an unusual piece has it is wider in length than height, it has a four panel fixed opening section and attractive locks and hinges. This piece has been hand polished to reveal it stunning qulaities and enhance all its features, the frame is of a heavy look style making this a truly substantial focal piece in any location. The frame can be wall mounted or free standing against a wall.

Sunken drilled holes and suitable wall fixings can be supplied if required for wall hanging purposes.

The Measurements:

Height: 115 cms

Width: 138 cms

Each of the panels being approx 36 cms x 21 cms in size

Availability & Cost:

Quantity:  1 sold

Reference: SA/20