Garden Mirrors

We have such a large emphasis on our outdoor life today and our outdoor area has become so much more part of our living space. Garden mirrors have become extremely popular for what they bring to an outdoor area. They bring not only a stunning feature, but also a sense of light and the added illusion of space. We install mirrors in many outdoor places from smaller courtyards to large outdoor spaces bringing beautiful personal features to view. Garden mirrors always offer reflection, dining areas used day and night look stunning when reflected into a mirror. Foliage growth around mirrors making the mirror look set into a wall and giving the feeling that it extends beyond. There are many faux mirrors available for garden use but Aldgate Home offer a piece of architectural heritage to keep for your special place. Our mirrors can be flush wall mounted or free standing against a walled area. Please send a photo of your space and we can advise pieces of our work that may suit for you.

We also offer a bespoke service for clients that are not necessarily seeking an aged piece. This service offers clients pieces commissioned to their required style and specification. Always working with our client to achieve the right piece. Our bespoke mirrors are traditional hand crafted and the quality of a very high standard compared to other faux mirrors available.

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