Aged White Rustic Arch Architectural Mirror

A beautful gorgeous one off  mirror.  Vintage, rustic, white and arched all the details for this delightful piece. Great inner panel detail and strong but elegant profile English iron work. Reclaimed from an outer building of Bright railway station, this heritage English mirror is restored suitable for home and garden display. Each of the inner 25 panels are individually completed with our hand antiqued glass mirror , which bring a warm and soft reflection in this vintage surround.

Viewing of this mirror and our collection is available by appointment at our Kent showroom

We offer a personal delivery and installation service if required. We ship world wide, crated and cared for by our trusted shipping company

The Detail:

Height; 1.23 m

Width: 1.22 m

Depth; 4 cms

Quantity: 1 sold

Reference: FABW/25