Art Deco Panelled Mirrors

Art Deco panelled Mirrors. We have a stunning pair of these mirrors, distinctive panelled iron work detail which has been hand polished to add a further element of elegance to these pieces. Each of the 22 inner panels have been individually completed with our hand antiqued glass mirror which again brings another dimension to these frames. Restored for interior display, these mirrors can be flush wall mounted at a height to suit or displayed leaning against a walled area. A beautiful piece of Art Deco British crittall heritage to grace any interior location. The original working details make for very interesting decorative detail with the circular brass hinge detail, especially so.

These pieces along with our collection can be viewed by appointment at our Kent showroom

We can offer a personal delivery and installation service if required

The Detail:

Height: 1.68 m

Width: 61 cms

Depth: 4 cms

Quantity: 2 sold

( Please enquire re trade discount )

Reference: ADP/22