Harlequin Style Antique Window Frame Mirror

Harlequin Diamond Style Antique Cast Iron Window Frame Mirrors, these impressive pieces are truly stunning with the diamond design, they look especially impressive when used in multiply display, a row of panels displayed together make a true statement feature and add detail, light and space illusion to any location. These are unique pieces preserved in their very precious green, cream rustic tones. Truly beautiful colours for interior and exterior display. Each of the mirror panels has 31 inner shaped sections that have individually been completed with our hand antiqued glass mirror. Flush wall mounted with our unseen wall fixings thes epieces make a very focal design display. Suitable for use in the home and garden area. English heritage with special precus patina. Good proprtions to display in pairs or sets.

The Detail:

Height: 92 cms

Width: 34 cms

Depth: 2 cms

Quantity:  9 sold

Reference: HGG/31