Large Slow Arch Architectural Antique Mirror

Large Slow Arch Architectural Vintage Window Mirror. These absolutely stunning pieces are of English detail and heritage and reclaimed from an ex furniture factory in High Wycombe. They are of great proportions and the thick lines of ironwork and precious neutral tones of patina. They have been restored for home and garden display and bring a strong feature to any location. The corner lugs and been carefully retained during removal and restoration work. Each of the 42 inner panels are individually completed with our hand antiqued mirror, which offers a soft and warm reflection within these pieces. The original fixed opening 6 panel section brings subtle and beautiful added feature detail to these mirrors. The colours are just exquisite and will complement any decor colour and style. 

Viewing of these pieces and our collection is available by appointment at our Kent showroom

We offer a personal delivery and installation service. We ship world wide, crated and cared for by out trusted shipping company      

The Detail:

Height: 1.83 m ( we can reduce in height if required )

Width: 1.52 m

Depth: 4 cms

Quantity: 1 available / 10 sold

Cost:  £2,250.00 each

Reference: ERSA/42