Lightwell Style Bespoke Mirrors

Our images are showing our bespoke panelled mirrors used in a Lightwell space, bringing reflection, light and space illusion to these smaller and darker areas. Lightwell areas are a growing space being created to enhance our homes. Especially in London with so much development now underground. These mirrors can transform these areas and they can be styled to create a conservatory garden room space for the lower basement room. These mirrors are completed to a size, colour  and style as required. These large pieces bring an elegant and traditional line to this Lightwell in London. Tree and planting to be added to give a totally outdoor location underground for our client. The piece in our image is completed to RAL 7034, which is a soft, warm tone.

The size of these mirrors are as follows, to give an an idea for your personal Lightwell space, create and reflect a themed personal room of your preference, seating and table detail can be added. 

Height: 2.5 m

Width: 1.10 m

Reference: Lightwell Mirrors