Tall Arch Cast Iron Reclaimed Window Mirror

This impresive in size Tall Arch Architectural Reclaimed Window Mirror makes for the ultimate statement piece, it has been refurbished and the cast iron has been preserved to a hand polished finsh, reflecting the elegant shape of this frame. The centre arch panel has been replaced with an arched wooden section that has been specially made to fit in reclaimed pine wood, bring another unique feature to this piece. Each of the large 12 panals have been glazed with our hand antiqued glass mirror which complements the age of this original window frame. This piece makes a unique stunning statement in any location, either free standing against a wall area or flush wall mounted, where the suitable wall fixings are supplied. Reflect your beautiful home in this elegant piece, bringing light and space illusion into your home.

The Measurements:

Height: 174 cms

Width: 89 cms

Each of the 9 panels being approx   cms x   cms in size

Availability & Cost:

 Quantity: 1 sold

Reference: TAP/12