Tall Slow Arch Rustic Panelled Window Mirror

Tall Slow Arch Industrial Window Mirror with beautiful aged rustic tones. Simple, solid lines of iron work make up this very attractive piece. Each of the inner 20 panels completed with our hand antiqued glass mirror adding warmth and softness to this architectural piece. Reclaimed form a factory in Belgium. Restored suitable for home and garden display. Supplied with our bespoke unseen wall fixings to allow flush wall mounting at a height of choice. Lovely precious colours in the ironwork bringing a beautiful but very focal feature to any location.

This mirror is a one of piece and can be viewed in location at Clifton Nurseries, Little Venice, London

We can offer our personal delivery and installation service if required. We also ship world wide with our trusted shipping company

The Detail:

Height: 1.72 m

Width: 1.17 m

Depth: 3 cms

Quantity: 1 sold

Reference: CNL-SAH/20