Elegant, Rustic, Decorative Statement Home and Garden Pieces

Sometimes pieces are very special finds, and these truly are an example of this. Reclaimed from a Birmingham ballroom, these stunning antique finds are chandelier ceiling panels of the utmost beauty. Large circular pieces with intricate ironwork detail and an aged patina.  Amazing iron work design, please view our close up images to see this detail. These pieces would be certain statement features in a garden or courtyard area either leaned against walled area or wall mounted with foliage growth in and around the frame. There is a 15 cms dome to these frames which again add even further detail to them, especially if used amongst foliage growth. Again a unique statement for the right interior location. We will work with the clients to achieve the required "look" of these. For an interior location they can be mirror as required, some of the panels are left as they are. For an exterior location they can be left as they are or have the center panel mirrored. Elegance, rustic, decorative, focal statement design. It would be great for these to remain as a pair, but we would sell separately.

Viewing of these pieces is available by appointment at our Kent showroom.

We can offer our personal delivery and installation service if required. We ship world wide, crated, shipped and insured with our trusted shipping company

The Detail:

Diameter: 2.23 m

Depth: 4 cms

Depth of dome curve: 15 cms

Quantity: 2 available

Cost: On application

Reference: BRDC/1