Tall Slow Arch Architectural Window Mirror

Green tones of stunning patina on this Welsh Antique Tall Slow Arch Window Mirror, this 28 panel piece makes a very attractive feature either wall hung or free standing againast a wall. Each of the 28 panels are individually glazed with our hand antiqued glass mirror. There is a fixed 4 panel opening panel. This piece has been preserved in its aged rustic condition, with a very attractive shades of green preserved patina. This piece is perfect for interior or exterior display. A beautiful special find, unusal due to the narrow width of this piece.

Our personal delivery and installaton service can be offered if required

Viewing of this piece and our collection is available by appointment as our Kent showroom

The Measurements:

Height: 160 cms

Width: 62 cms

Each of the 28 panels being approx 21 cms 13 cms in size

Availability & Cost:

Availability: 2 sold

Reference: TSAG/28