Circular Reclaimed Decorative Window Mirror

Welsh Circular Decorative Reclaimed Window Mirror, these decorative pieces are of a beautiful solid but delicate design and with their smaller in size dimensions they can be displayed on their own as a pair or in sets, making for a stunning unique wall display. These pieces are available in a rustic or hand polished finish. They are a one piece panel with an attractive design feature withinn. A fixed panel is attached to the reverse to allow for flush wall mounting. Each of the 5 shaped panels are glazed with our own hand antiqued glass mirror which totally compliments the aged frame. The rustic finish mirrors are perfect for display inside the home and also in the garden area. The polished finish mirrors are suitable for display inside the home area bringing a beautiful feature to any location.

These pieces can be flush wall mounted and the suitable wall fixings would be supplied.

The Measurements:

Diameter: 59 cms

Availabiity & Cost:

Quantity: 5 sold

Reference: CG/5